Satrangi Re

Satrangi Re
Cast: Adinath Kothare,Amruta Khanvilkar,Siddharth Chandekar,Pooja Sawant,Bhushan Pradhan,Soumil Shringarpure,Uday Tikekar,Vidyadhar Joshi,Supriya Matkari,Madhav Abhyankar.

Director: Aditya Sarpotdar

Genre: Music,Musical

Year: 2012
Satrangi Re is a Marathi film, releasing in India and other countries on 3 February 2012.[dated info][1] The film is being jointly produced by Maitri Productions, Vishwas Chitra and Everest Entertainment.[2] Satrangi Re depicts those emotional moments in the lives of the youth, moments that everyone will relate to, would love to cherish. It showcase the journey of the group of friends, the journey of witnessing that rainbow meant for them.

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